Alix Zwane

Chief Executive Officer of the Global Innovation Fund,

Alix Zwane is Chief Executive Officer of the Global Innovation Fund (GIF). She has 20 years of experience advancing the agenda of evidence-based aid and international development as an investor, a social entrepreneur, and an innovator herself.

At WWGS 2019, Alix will be the keynote speaker at the closing plenary session on Friday. She will be speaking about GIF’s new evidence-based investment fund.

GIF was founded by a group of government aid agencies to find and fund development innovations with the potential to significantly improve the lives of the world’s poorest people. GIF’s investment approach puts evidence at the core of investment decision-making, seeking social impact first across its grant and risk capital portfolios.

GIF Growth is a permanent capital vehicle being launched by the GIF to bridge the innovation funding gap by supporting high impact market pioneers that serve the global poor, enabling them to shape a new market.

GIF Growth is expected to measurably improve the lives of an additional 5 million poor people each year who are able to boost their income by 10% annually.